G​ULFSTREAM design idea


Steve Grindrod explain´s why this is his ultimate works!

The whole idea of GulfStream is very personal to me – as a guitarist I have always been known to favour small amps and my recording and stage rigs always featured a whole arsenal of sub-30 watt amps, and wanted to capture all those flavours into good looking packages. Basically all my favourite sounds in one box.

My tonal influences were those that I have used over the years, ranging from Tweed & Blackface Fender, VOX, and of course, Marshall, JTM45 and 50 watt Jubilee in particular.

And of course to make it all work, a signature all of my own. After much thought and trials I ended up using 6V6 valves (tubes) for the output power, my favourite low power tube.

15 watt amps produce approximately 20 watts at clipping and feature a fully spec’ed control layout with 4 voice and gain options for 2 clean & 2 overdrive voices. Gain, Volume, Wide range EQ circuit (Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence) Channel Volume, Frequency compensated Output Level control for full sounding low volume operation. Accutronics Digital Reverb from subtle to surf, Wide ranging Grid bias modulating Tremolo (reverb & tremolo footswitchable – FS supplied), 8 and 16 ohm speaker output select.

30 watt amps produce approximately 40 watts at clipping and feature 2 footswitchable channels – Channel A (Volume,2 Voice switch, Tone) – Channel B which is identical to the GS15 channel. Accutronics Digital Reverb from subtle to surf per channel, wide ranging Grid bias modulating Tremolo, Footswitchable series FX loop – (4 button Channel A/B, Reverb Loop & Tremolo footswitch supplied), 8 and 16 ohm speaker output select.

New smooth response design Albion speakers especially for these amps.

If you like a wide variety of easy to use CLASSIC clean and overdrive sounds in a great looking package that’s ideal for recording, club gigging, or even just an amp that will fit in well at home… You deserve to check out an Albion GulfStream.

PS…Calling on 50 years of experience in design we introduced in 2013 to the GulfStream family …The GS12C 12 watt 1 x 10” Combo, GS12H 12 watt Head GSB200H 200 watt Bass Head and its partner the GSB15210 2 x 10” Bass Speaker Cabinet. So consider the rest but buy the best!