TCT Design Idea

> If you searching for a high-end handmade custom amp, search no more! Pure tube amps that sound as good as they look, by the ampdesigner legend Steve Grindrod.

> We use Birch Ply for all our cabinet work utilizing interlocking panels and resonance controlling reinforcing struts. Proprietary vinyl covering and custom cabinet hardware is used throughout the range.

> We design and make all our own transformers and loudspeakers. All our PCBs, wire, plastic and die-cast parts, and speaker cones are custom designed and built in house by Albion supervised by Steve Grinrod.

The TCT amps are all twin channel switching amplifiers, with the TCT50 and TCT100 also having foot-switchable MIX circuitry that combines both channels to give a third sonic option. Although each channel has differing voicing structures (Channel A has the EQ pre-gain, Channel B is post-gain) they both go from “clean to scream” for ultimate functionality and wide tonal response. Switchable tonal options on each preamp also extend the possibilities on the TCT50 and TCT100.

All the TCT amps also feature wide ranging power amp controls widening the tonal response even more - switchable feedback loops, Edge (presence) and Depth controls, output Phase and 33% power switching. Natural sounding digital Reverb and a series FX loop round off the amp functions.

The supplied footswitches also have a very useful feature – the cable connection can be easily user-changed from left to right to more adequately suit your stage rig preference. It’s simple but so effective!

Quality and pure valve tone is all what the TCT amps are about.


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Steve´s Own Words

"When I sat down with a blank piece of paper to design the TCT all tube handwired range of amplifiers, I had a long hard look at all the guitar amps that I had designed previously.

Many of those designs were destined to be what can only be called Classics (Marshall, Vox etc), I wanted to approach these new amps in a different perspective.

This put the image in my mind as “what do I want from an amp, and how do I want it to look”. As a guitar player of many years I have used many different amps, many times different ones hooked up in a multi-amp set up for the different sounds that I needed at the time. This realisation formulated the basic concept and functionality of the direction I needed to go in, something that was simple to use but was as variable as possible. Oh, and sounded great at everything it did as well.

What I wanted it to look like” actually developed pretty quickly. – I wanted something that looked classy and stood out from the crowd, something that at the same time was familiar yet unique. For want of a better word “boutique”!

I think that the TCT series of Albion amps fulfils my dream and desire with room to spare. Finally “my” own amp!

I personally love playing these amps and can sit there playing them for hours on end without tiring of them – sometimes to the annoyance of my small team I have to add – I do tend to play very loud at times, and they do have to work!!

I hope that you get as much playing pleasure out of your TCT amp as I do." 

Thank U / Steve