Steve Grindrod

For those unfamiliar with the history of Steve Grindrod, apart from having been a pro musician and building his first guitar amp at the age of 13, he has been designing and engineering amplifier and speaker products for two of England’s most famous guitar amp companies.

From 1973 to 2000, Grindrod served as Chief Engineer and Director of Research and Development for Marshall Amplification. Under his direction, Marshall produced their most successful product lines to date.

In 2000, Grindrod was invited by VOX to become Managing Director and Chief Designer, a position he held until 2008. The products of Grinrod’s work have been heard on countless recordings and are featured on more concert and club stages than could be counted.


Steve´s Introduction 2012

There are many guitar players, and guitar amp enthusiasts out there who are very familiar with both my name and reputation, and definitely my product history. For those of you who do not know the history behind Albion here is a very brief resume of me.

Even if you have not heard my name I am sure that you are very familiar with my long history of outstanding guitar amplifier products – you have heard them on countless recordings and more concert and club stages than you could possibly think of! Apart from being a longtime working musician I have been famously (some say infamously!) responsible for the creation, design and engineering of amp and speaker products from two of England’s most famous and historic guitar amp companies, covering a span of 36 years. My pedigree being 26 years as Technical Director and Chief designer of Marshall and 8 years as Managing Director and Chief Designer of VOX.

For four decades I have devoted myself in harnessing my skills in designing world leading amplifiers. In so doing it is fair to say that I have established a name now synonymous with equipment used for high class guitar playing styles from world-renowned guitarists on countless records and concert stages, to local amateur bands playing at the pub on a Saturday night.

I discovered my desire to broaden my knowledge of live music technology when as a young struggling musician I could afford neither the latest nor the best products.  With a naturally enquiring mind, I sought to learn how the instruments worked and how to improve them by combining existing design with more advanced technology, a vision that marked the beginning of my passionate journey to creating affordable tools that deliver the goods for working musicians – a philosophy I still apply today.

The Wharfedale company has its own vision of providing consumers with the best audio-video products, and in recognizing the reputation that I have established in the music industry, as well as my philosophy in creating “value for money” products, presented me with an opportunity to build a partnership and further explore my abilities, not just as a designer, but as a musician as well – an offer utterly difficult to turn down. The collaboration eventually resulted in the formation of Albion in 2009. Equipped with probably the most advanced audio manufacturing facility available, we plan to bring you world leading amplifier products at honest “value for money” prices.  They may never be the cheapest, because to me, being the cheapest means that they have been designed to be cheap – but we will always endeavor to present you with the best products we can, without charging you “over the odds”. Thank you for showing interest in our products. We assure you of many exciting new products in the coming months.  We hope we can satisfy your musical ideas for a long time, as we have put all our hearts and exerted all our efforts into producing them.

Steve Grindrod

Director and Chief Designer
Albion Amplification​