We normally ship the next day, after received order from you. Shipping within Scandinavia normally takes 1-2 days.

We send you an email with shipping instructions when the package leave us.

We use the best  sutable shipping method for reaching your specific adress.

We are always fast! But if you have a very important date you must have your stuff, please also send us an extra email.




Our Promise

We know Albion Amps are great, and we want you to experience that to.

Therefore we have an 100% Satisffied Guarantee, which means that everybody how purchase an Toxicpedal should be 100% satisfied with our product or service.

This 100% Satisfied Guarantee comes above the previously stated , warranties, returning policies, money back etc... meaning that if you not satisfied with us at any point, please let us know.

And we will make you 100% Satisied again. That is our promise.


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